PINNACLE ASSEMBLED PISTON - Sudarshan Elastomer Pvt. Ltd.

The SUDARSHAN PINNACLE ASSEMBLED PISTON is designed for use in the most demanding applications. The replaceable seal element is manufactured from a specially formulated elastomeric compound designed to be resistant to most chemical fluid found in the drilling industry today. These pistons can also be used in conditions where elevated temperatures can be problematic to other types of pistons in the market.

The fabric anti-extrusion device on the piston is constructed from proprietary materials utilizing well researched process to reduce the extrusion of the rubber even at the pump’s maximum pressure rating.


1.“Bull Nose”, design promises ease of assembly when loading into the liner due to the smooth engagement of the piston into the liner bore.

2.Extra strong sealing area increases run times even at pressures up to 7500 psi.

3.Rubber Assembly can be re installed till circular marks on the metal core are prominent and deep.

4.Fabric allows for longer piston life

5.Superior resistance to tear, abrasion and extrusion

Replaceable Pinnacle Piston Rubber Assembly