FLEXIBLE STAR TYPE COUPLINGS - Sudarshan Elastomer Pvt. Ltd.

SEPL’s FLEXIBLE STAR TYPE COUPLINGS are manufactured by using highly elastic strong rubber/ polyurethane compound and best in class CI metal hubs to ensure uninterrupted transmission to pump.

Our Spider Material is designed in such a way life of Motor and Pump is improved and does not lead to anycatastrophic accident.

Some Features in our coupling: –

  • Simple in construction. Consists of two hubs & a spider.
  • Every other spider arm is an idler arm and can be advanced to load carrier jaws. Hence it functions as a spare spider in every coupling.
  • Spiders can be provided of various materials with different shore hardness to
    meet application requirement.
  • We also provide Spacer in size 100 and 140 mm so that long distant between Motor and Pump can be coupled