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Other Rubber Accessories & SparesProducts

    SEPL’s FLEXIBLE TYRE COUPLINGS "SPA" SERIES are ideal Flexible coupling for standard use. It can take considerable misalignment parallel and end floats and any combination thereof. [+]
    SEPL’s FLEXIBLE STAR TYPE COUPLINGS are manufactured by using highly elastic strong rubber/ polyurethane compound and best in class CI metal hubs to ensure uninterrupted transmissio [+]
  • Drill Pipe Protectors
    Drill Pipe Protectors
    SEPL’s Drill Pipe Spiral Fluted Protectors are manufactured by using high quality elastomer, bonded with specially designed spring steel cage. Spring steel cage provides gripping po [+]
  • Tong Pull Backs
    Tong Pull Backs
    SEPL’s Tong Pull Back are manufactured by using highly elastic strong rubber compound with very good spring action. The spring action of the SEPL Tong Pull Back strap automatically [+]
  • Clamp on Casing Protectors
    Clamp on Casing Protectors
    SEPL’s Clamp on Casing Protectors are available both in polyurethane and highest grade of tough special polymers. They are built on special steel cage for the superior grip and spec [+]
  • Drill Pipe / Pin & Box Protectors (Polymeric)
    Drill Pipe / Pin & Box Protectors (Polymeric)
    SEPL’s special achievement is for developing a very tough polymer for the manufacture of Polymeric Drill Pipe / Pin Box Protectors. They are light in weight in comparison to convent [+]
  • Non-Rotating Stabilizer Sleeves
    Non-Rotating Stabilizer Sleeves
    SEPL’s Stabilizers Sleeves are manufactured by using blend of Hydrogenated Nitrile Rubber, most suitable for such application, strongly bonded with metal wherever required. [+]
  • Packer Redresser Kits
    Packer Redresser Kits
    SEPL’s Redresser Kits are manufactured by using the most toughest elastomer known for such applications, i.e. Hydrogenated Nitrile Rubber highly suitable for downhole applications. [+]
  • Grooved Couplings & Packing
    Grooved Couplings & Packing
    SEPL’s Grooved Couplings are manufactured by using high grade malleable cast iron. They are available in both Clamp type design and also in two bolt type design, with Gaskets made o [+]
  • Swivel Wash Pipe & Packings
    Swivel Wash Pipe & Packings
    Swivel Wash Pipe & Packings are available for almost all makes of Swivels, presently being used by oil industries. Wash Pipes are manufactured by using forged-alloy steel / stainl [+]
  • Hammer Unions & Packings
    Hammer Unions & Packings
    SEPL’s Hammer Unions, made from forged carbon steel are available in a choice of end connections with standard API line pipe threads and three wing lug forging. With highest quality [+]
  • ‘F’ Type Cup Testers
    ‘F’ Type Cup Testers
    SUDARSHAN MAKE F-type BOP cup tester are designed to be attached to the drill string and lowered into the casing beneath the wellhead to pressure test the blowout preventer stack and [+]
  • Kelly Wipers
    Kelly Wipers
    SEPL’s Kelly Wipers are made out of specially designed rubber compound having tremendous resistance to cutting, tearing and abrasion. They are available for water based and oil base [+]