ABRASION RESISTANT VALVE (KERR TYPE) - Sudarshan Elastomer Pvt. Ltd.

SUDARSHAN ELASTOMER PVT LTD offers AR VALVES which can be interchangeable to Valve for KERR PUMP

Valve and Seat: – (MOC: 17-4PH)
AISI17-4PH is a special martensitic stainless which will attain high mechanical properties after heat treatment.It has good impact strength, corrosion and scaling resistance up to 1200 F (649°C). This material is widely used in steam and gas turbine blades and buckets, bushings, and impact resistant machinery components.
We also supply valve bodies and seats in 17-7, 316, carburized 8620 alloy steel, and other materials upon request.

Valve Seal: – (MOC: Polyurethane)
Specially design Polyurethane valve insert are tough, abrasion/wear resistant and able to withstand shock loads better than other elastomer.
In the situations where temperatures range from -65 F to +200 F a polyurethane seal is the most economical and best choice.

Spring: – (MOC Spring Steel OR Stainless Steel)
Made out of Spring steel able to sustain extreme loads and temperature condition. Zinc coated to prevent corrosion and gives a better life.
We also offer Spring in Stainless Steel it the operation is in very corrosive service.